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There is intense pressure on all companies to perform well on a multitude of ESG ratings. Ensure that your company is aware of the issues most important to general and expert stakeholders, has a strategy in place to address those issues, and is communicating progress against them effectively. Addison’s ESG strategy, content, creative and production teams are here to help you achieve these objectives.

Our comprehensive services

Stakeholder engagement

Identify, contact and gather input from those who impact, and are affected by, your organization to understand their expectations

Materiality analysis

Determine the issues most important to your business and stakeholders through benchmarking, frameworks, media scans and internal and external interviews

Messaging and branding

Establish a clear strategy and messaging to form the basis of all your communications; create a visual ESG look consistent with your organization’s brand

Thought leadership

Identify core competencies that contribute toward greater ESG leadership; develop in-person, digital and written platforms to share your knowledge and progress

ESG storytelling

Engage audiences with compelling examples of how your organization is helping society through short- and long-form writing, digital experiences and video

Reporting frameworks

Provide expertise on how to select and use major frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, CDP and UN SDGs; help craft disclosures to meet stakeholder expectations

Ratings and rankings

Advise on prioritizing surveys, organizing data and providing transparent responses aimed at optimizing scores

Employee engagement

Build messaging and activity programs that create awareness of your ESG strategy and inspire employees to advance your organization’s ESG goals

Amplification of ESG messages

Create a plan to share thought leadership and accomplishments through traditional and social media, event participation and award submissions

Ongoing strategic consulting

Provide support to respond to stakeholder queries, establish policies and create customized tools to meet stakeholder needs

C-suite briefings and media training

Prepare leaders for corporate and public speaking events and media interviews; develop messaging points and presentations

Integration with investor communications

Advise on ESG messaging and issue response for proxies, 10-Ks, earnings calls and annual general meetings

Thought piece

Meeting BlackRock, State Street and other institutional investors’ requests for climate-related disclosures

As investors increasingly act on and articulate ESG concerns, companies may wonder why their current reporting is falling short and how to address the gap.

Thought piece

Tackling reporting fatigue: How to prioritize ESG reporting frameworks

As new ESG reporting frameworks are added for various audiences, understand which hold the most value for your organization’s goals and aspirations.

Thought piece

Furthering DEI initiatives through employee engagement

As corporations make strong statements in support of racial equity, diversity and inclusion efforts, understand how to best engage your people with proven approaches.