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decades of design excellence

Enjoy some of our favorite work from the Addison archives


The first ever pop-up annual report

One of our many record firsts. What better way to explain how your products impact a home?
Coca-Cola Bottling Company

A refreshing way to engage stakeholders

Have a drink on us while you read our message in a bottle.
Hawaiian Airlines

The face that launched a thousand trips

Pualani has always been a beacon of Hawaiian hospitality. She represents a promise that few airlines can promise—warmth, care and generosity to travelers, all hallmarks of Hawaiian culture.

Can you see the arrow yet?

Our report for FedEx was exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in 
New York.

Portraying value on people and technologies

Landmark communications for one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Award-winning designs for a cellulose company

Sometimes creativity comes from the least expected places.

A passport to the world

Few brands are truly everywhere. But what is a global brand? It’s a passport for investors, to the world. So why not make your annual report a replica of a passport—down to the cover stock.

A metaphor for connection

This compelling ad campaign for a satellite company launched their new brand…and launched our logo into space! The result earned us a place in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s permanent collection.
Hollinger media

When the medium is the message

This award-winning relationship used the medium to communicate the visceral nature of the message. We used an innovative printing technique with centered dot screens to achieve a raw news feel.
Children’s television workshop

A playful brand with a serious mission

Few photoshoots have created as many joyful images as this one—and with such a great message, our work with Sesame Street had to be an award winner.

A relationship spanning two decades

From a pinstriped room to a book with all blank pages—the work has been truly exceptional.

An art and a science

Flavor and fragrance are the most evocative to our senses. Our work for International Flavors and Fragrances always created an emotional, as well as intellectual response.

Dreaming of another world

We love how this image depicts the relationship between a consumer and her gaming app—a fun, virtual world manifested in the physical one.
Neenah Paper

From laser die-cuts to special bonding

A great opportunity to geek out on paper and printing, from laser die-cuts to special bonding. Exhibited as far as the Hamburg Museum of Art and Crafts and at the Rotunda in Hong Kong.

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