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“And per se and”

The 27th letter

Designers love the ampersand. Yes, you do. Admit it. You do. From fast food joints to law firms, you’ll find one on every block from Wall Street to Fifth Avenue. Full of style and grace and fantastical fun, the ampersand is the character we look to first. Old, new, modern and hand drawn, celebrate the ampersand with us as we share 60 of our favorites, plus a few versions of our own.

The Ampersands

The term ampersand is an English slurring of and per se and, which literally means “(the character) & by itself (is the word) and.”
The symbol however is nothing more than a ligature of an E and T (et being the lating word for and)

Bespoke fonts are the “new” brand voice. Encapsulating the essence of a brand in its advertising, logos and names — F1’s ampersand is right “on brand” resembling any number of racing venues.

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