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Wills Eye

Wills Eye + Addison

As a leader in ophthalmology, Wills Eye Hospital wanted its stakeholder communications to stand out. Addison created a suite of materials to help redefine its position in the healthcare industry.

Wills Eye Never book

A dramatic treatment of the word "Never" on this annual report cover makes a bold statement. The unexpected use of a word that often has a negative connotation helps convey the unflagging spirit of Wills Eye Hospital and its people.

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Wills Eye (+) book

The "(+)" element highlights the additive nature of Wills Eye Hospital as well as its continuing efforts to improve its services.

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Wills Eye Forward book

This oversize report illustrates the hospital's forward trajectory through the use of bold, iconic graphics, XL typography, and unusual printing techniques, including fluorescent inks.

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