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Schwarzman Scholars

Schwarzman Scholars + Addison

Schwarzman Scholars is the largest international charitable effort in China and the most significant such program since the Rhodes Scholarships. Addison is proud to have branded this new scholarship for the 21st century and helped launch the program—from its first press conference through its inaugural class matriculation.

Schwarzman Scholars branding

Addison was asked to design an emblem, using the letter S, that would convey the elite stature and inspired mission of Schwarzman Scholars. We created a branding system with global cultural relevance, combining local tradition with confident simplicity to reflect the vision of the program's founders and the brilliant individuals who will make it matter.

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Schwarzman Scholars website

Addison designed the Schwarzman Scholars website to raise awareness and highlight its impressive roster of founders and advisors. We later developed social media and advertising campaigns to encourage the participation of young leaders and top academic institutions, and closed the student lifecycle loop by adding an alumni portal.

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Schwarzman Scholars Purple Ribbon video

In this video, well-known business, academic and political leaders define the Schwarzman Scholars program as not simply an incredible opportunity for young leaders but as a bridge to greater understanding between China and the rest of the world.

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