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GE Overview

General Electric + Addison

As a strategic and creative partner of GE for more than eight years, Addison has worked closely with the company to simplify a wide range of investor and employee collateral and enhance its communications with strong, consistent messaging.

GE 2016 Annual Report

Addison helped GE communicate its business strategy in print, digital and video media, providing an immersive experience that gives website visitors an up-close view of the world's first “Digital Industrial.”

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GE Investor Relations Hub

The innovative GE Investor Relations Hub aggregates relevant information for stakeholders in a single convenient access point.

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GE Voices

The trend toward economic nationalism prompted GE to engage its employee and supplier base in support of its global business goals. Reimagining GE Voices as a rallying point for a multi-state manufacturing tour, Addison transformed static images into a dynamic content hub with an interactive, navigable map, and nearly doubled traffic to the site.

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GE Sustainability website

The GE Sustainability site uses simple navigation and a dynamic design to bring the company's CSR efforts to life and provide NGOs and socially conscious investors quick access to relevant CSR information.

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GE Integrated Report

A unique document for investors, the GE Integrated Summary Report combines the most looked-for components of the annual report and the proxy with a snapshot of key strategic and governance issues.

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GE 2016 Transportation Catalog

As a snapshot introduction to GE Transportation products, this catalog is a valuable reference for current and potential customers.

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GE 2016 Proxy

With its clear, streamlined digital and print formats, the GE proxy statement has been transformed from a standard filing into one of the company’s most highly anticipated investor communications.

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