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Brown-Forman + Addison

With deep family ties and a rich heritage spanning centuries, Louisville, Kentucky–based Brown-Forman has grown into one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies. Since 2014, Addison has helped Brown-Forman present its vibrant story to the world.

Brown-Forman corporate website

Addison redesigned Brown-Forman’s corporate website from the ground up, with dynamic videos and brand-led imagery that helped enhance its online presence and support its iconic, world-renowned brand.

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Brown–Forman 2017 Annual Report

For the Brown-Forman 2017 Annual Report, we created custom artwork based on the inspiring stories behind its iconic brands. We designed, built, and photographed key pieces in our studios.

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Brown–Forman 2017 Proxy

The Brown-Forman proxy statement reflects best practices in plain English writing and information design. The proxy is one element of a suite of investor communications Addison created for this iconic brand, one of the most recognizable in the world.

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Brown–Forman AR overview 2014-2016

Since 2014, Addison has worked with Brown-Forman to create sophisticated, high visibility investor communications. In traditional printed annual reports and proxy statements, and through engaging video, we've helped Brown-Forman reach current and potential investors, employees and tastemakers around the world.

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