Meet the Addisonians

We’re a healthy-happy group of designers, strategists, web developers and more–intensely passionate about creating beautiful work that our clients love and we can be proud of. Read on to meet a few of the personalities from the Addison family.


Meet Nick “The Creative”

Nick has been pushing pixels at Addison for over five years. As a digital creative, his penchant for chunky serifs is matched only by his love of beard oil.

Wears headphones despite community playlist
on overhead speakers

Check out what we’re listening
to right now...

Semi-mandatory beard and tattoos,
because we’re artsy types

Meet Renee “The Client Connection”

As our resident cat (and dog, and bird, and rabbit) lady, Renee understands the subtleties of communication between divergent audiences. Her knack for listening and conversation makes for an excellent Client Service Director.

Ability to communicate
directly with birds, dogs,
rabbits, cats and clients

Carefully monitors
compost bucket for
errant staples

Meet Judy “The Sustainability Guru”

Judy loves nature. It’s what drives her to inspire clients to achieve sustainability goals but also, we must admit, to inspire us to be better too.

Judy makes sure we
have a brighter future

All-natural fibers but still lookin’ cool