October 02, 2019

Addison Podcast on the State of ESG Reporting

Wondering how Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting differs from CSR reporting? Trying to figure out what ESG information investors want? Curious to know what ESG trends are on the horizon? These topics and more are covered in Addison’s latest podcast on the Current State of ESG Reporting.

Judy Sandford, managing director of CSR and Sustainability for Addison, hosts experts Gail Glazerman, sector analyst for SASB, and Michael Kraten, senior professor of accounting and finance at Houston Baptist University and SILC Committee member, for a free-ranging conversation.

You’ll learn:
• Popular global frameworks for ESG reporting
• Investors’ preferred formats for receiving ESG information
• Pros and cons of ESG transparency
• Best practices for communicating ESG data authentically and effectively
• Why it’s important for companies to report ESG performance

Addison Podcast on the State of ESG Reporting from Addison.