August 09, 2018

How to include ESG information in financial communications

Investors are increasingly demanding information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues from corporations. BlackRock’s Letter to Shareholders sent at the beginning of 2018 accelerated investors’ calls for more rigorous, year-round engagement between corporations and shareholders. In particular, the letter asked board members to help drive meaningful corporate transformation.

Since then, the expectations for increased inclusion of ESG topics in sustainability reporting and corporate communications have exploded. ESG issues are no longer just the subject of boilerplate statements; they are now key to helping companies maintain their license to operate.

Addison recently hosted a webinar to share how a range of companies have successfully included ESG in their financial communications. From augmenting proxies to releasing suites of reports, this webinar provides practical, visual best-practice examples.

Register here to view the webinar presentation.

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