March 10, 2017

Addison undergoes lighting retrofit and becomes Green Seal accredited

Addison is proud to provide two updates related to the environmental impact within our own four walls.

As part of our Addison for Good initiative, our CSR Council recently spearheaded the process of becoming accredited with Green Seal, a nonprofit organization that uses science-based programs to empower companies to create a more sustainable world. In order to obtain this distinction, we had to exceed Green Seal criteria in a number of areas, including waste reduction and recycling, staff education, IT management, and office operations. Addison scored very highly on the evaluation, and we continue to seek areas for further improvement. We are excited to join other notable Green Seal Accredited partners, including Praxair and The Nature Conservancy.

In addition to becoming Green Seal Accredited, Addison recently underwent a lighting audit, developing a detailed inventory of our existing lights and fixtures to inform our ongoing transition to LED lamps.

Based on this audit, we identified our most commonly used lamps and tested a range of color temperatures to ensure our existing office ambiance was not impacted. As of March 10th, we have completed Phase I of our LED lighting retrofit, removing both functioning and nonfunctioning four-foot fluorescent lamps and replacing them with LEDs which consume approximately 62% less energy. Over 80 lamps in total were replaced, and we estimate that these changes will reduce our overall annual lighting consumption and excess heat output significantly.

Over the course of the coming year, we will continue to replace our most commonly used lamps throughout our office. Check back in to hear more about our progress on this and other efforts that are part of Addison for Good.